Geo toolkit

Free, web-based GIS-tools for journalists by LocalFocus. No downloads needed, happy data-copy-pasting!

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Image of the LocalFocus Coordinate Reprojection tool
Reproject coordinates

Quickly tranform your geographic coordinate system by using our free online tool. For example: convert points in Amersfoort RD (EPSG: 28992) to WGS 84 (EPSG: 4326).

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Image of the LocalFocus Geocoder
Batch geocoder

Convert a list of addresses to coordinates with this batch geocoder for journalists.

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KML to Spreadsheet tool by LocalFocus
KML to Spreadsheet

A free online tool to simplify your KML files and split them into spreadsheet rows. Version 2.0.

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Image of the LocalFocus Map Styler tool
Map Styler

With the online mapping tool of LocalFocus you can easily add locations and routes to your map. It’s quick, easy and free.

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Image of the LocalFocus Spatial Join tool
Spatial Join

Use our free online tool to add administrative boundaries, like provinces, to your list of coordinates (WGS 84).

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