Privacy statement

We’re happy you’re using LocalFocus to create maps and charts! In this privacy statement, we’ll explain what we do with your data and what measures we have taken to protect it. We also discuss your obligations when using our services.

What personal data does LocalFocus process?

To create your account, we only need your email address. This (along with your password) allows you to login and use our tools. All passwords are encrypted in such a way that even we do not have access to it. In addition to logging in, we use your e-mail address to send you newsletters (via MailChimp) and automatic emails to set a new password if you forgot yours. Under no circumstances will we resell your personal data to third parties.

Does LocalFocus use trackers in widgets?

The widgets (embed-codes voor visualizations) you publish using LocalFocus do not contain trackers or cookies. Therefore, we do not collect any data concerning your audience. We only register how often a widget containing your visualization is loaded from our server. This information helps us keep track of the use of our platform. You can also view these statistics. When you’re logged in to our platform, go to User => My Widgets.

How can I delete my account?

If you no longer wish to make use of our services, you can delete your account. When you’re logged in, go to Options => My details => Delete account permanently. Your account will then be deleted by us. Note that published visualizations will remain visible even after your account has been deleted. If this is a problem for you, please contact us.

What services does LocalFocus outsource to others?

First and foremost, it’s crucial that our services and the widgets created with those services are available at all times. Our Data Platform and all information that you upload using our tools (e.g. the data that you wish to visualize) are hosted on servers located in The Netherlands and owned by Argeweb. A backup is made daily, which is then encrypted and sent to Tilaa servers. When you publish a visualization, it is hosted from the Google App Engine to ensure that it continues to work well even with large numbers of visitors.

If you have registered for one of our newsletters, you will receive them via Mailchimp. Automatic mail notifications are sent using Sendgrid. Emails containing sensitive information, such as links for setting a new password, are sent through Google Apps for Business. This is also the case for the emails sent by our employees. LocalFocus Pro support two-factor authentication. The text messages for this service are sent using Messagebird. Finally, we use Moneybird to send invoices to our paying customers and to keep our books.

What are my obligations when using LocalFocus?

It is your duty to ensure that the data you upload to LocalFocus can be used freely. Please handle personal data of others in a responsible manner. Do not upload personal data to the LocalFocus Data Platform. Of course there is no problem visualizing personal data in an aggregated form, as long as it is not traceable to individuals.