Copy-paste the dataset

Create a new visualisaton in LocalFocus. Copy your table from Excel (or any other spreadsheet program) and paste it into the empty text field.

Duration of this lesson: 90 seconds

The numbers

It's all about the numbers when you paste a table in LocalFocus. Leave contextual information like a title or source out and remove empty rows. You will put your data visualisation into context in step 4. You do copy-paste the column titles, those are needed to identify the numbers.

Handy Excel formulas

Calculate rate:
= part / total * 100

Amount per 1.000 persons:
= number of incidents / population * 1000

The dimensions

The software of LocalFocus recognizes dimensions and values in your dataset. The values in LocalFocus are selected by equality. This means the software needs a value for every combination of dimensions in the table.

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