First steps in LocalFocus

Turn datasets into stories in 5 steps: LocalFocus enables you to create insightful data visualisations from every table. Simple and fast.

Create a graph within 1 minute


Copy-paste the dataset

Create a new visualisation in LocalFocus. Copy your table from Excel (or any other spreadsheet program) and paste it into the empty text field.

Watch this tutorial (90 seconds)


Check the dataset

The software behind LocalFocus automatically makes an estimate of your dataset. Are the decimals separated by periods or commas? Which row contains the locations you want to put on your map? You only have to check this information.

Watch this tutorial (70 seconds)


Choose the right chart

While one story is displayed clearly in a line graph, the other story asks for a map. You will explore possible visualisations in this lesson, based on the story you want to tell.

Watch this tutorial (75 seconds)


Put your data visualisation into context

Modifying the colors of your visualisation, enables you to emphasize specific information. Add annotations to clarify notable figures and a contextual title will show the audience why these numbers are relevant in the first place.

Watch this tutorial (90 seconds)


Publish your data visualisation

As soon as your story is finished, you can publish the graph or map on your website. It is also possible to download the graphs and maps as png or vector file.

Watch this tutorial (120 seconds)

Create a newsmap

The LocalFocus Newsmap enables you to put information on the map. Think about hospital scores, or the events in town during Kingsday.

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