Create a newsmap

The LocalFocus Newsmap enables you to put information on the map. Think about hospital scores, or the events in town during Kingsday.

Duration of this lesson: 90 seconds

Add pictures and videos

Besides text, you can also add YouTube videos and images to the popup window of each map element.

Many points on the map

When you have many points to put on the map, it can be smart to import the data directly from a spreadsheet. Pay attention to your table though, you will need two columns: one with longitude and another with latitude. We created a tool which automatically converts addresses in the Netherlands to geographical coördinates:

LocalFocus Geocoder

Connect a Google Spreadsheet to a newsmap

You can easily connect a Google Spreadsheet tot a newsmap in LocalFocus. With this connection, you’re able to add or adjust data points in your spreadsheet, which will be updated automatically on your map. This connection is (almost) realtime! You can use this feature if your map needs to be updated, or if you want to work together with your co-workers on a map.

Instructions (in Dutch)

Editing for print

Every map can be exported to a vector file. This is very useful in the event you want to edit the Newsmap later in Illustrator or Inkscape.

Inkscape for (free) editing