Check the dataset

Our platform automatically makes an estimate of your dataset. Are the decimals separated by periods or commas? Which row contains the locations you want to put on your map? You only have to check this information.

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Regional divisons

LocalFocus offers several regional divisions inside and outside the Netherlands. Read more about regional divisions and how to connect your data to this map in this blogpost.

All regional divisons in LocalFocus.

Municipal reorganisation

Municipal reorganisations take place yearly in the Netherlands. LocalFocus offers all municipal regions since the reorganisation in 2008. Choose the right municipal regions when you upload your data. Different municipal regions in one dataset? No problem, LocalFocus will select the right one based on the time slot.

Date formats

Our platform recognizes different date formats in datasets. Within the date formats, hyphens ( - ) can be changed to slashes ( / ), periods ( . ) or spaces. Read about all possible date formats in this blogpost.

All possible data formats in LocalFocus

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